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This Pop Folk Rock adventure is targeting sonorous outlandishness through a vast quest for instruments, language and voices that bring together a surprising - if not even mind stirring - atmosphere.
We are trying to capture and reproduce various emotions via music and the sounds of the English language that may be raucous and rough.
We touch themes that are the depth of the heart when it suffers , the beauty of love when it breaks , the power of the heart when it is in love , the impossible pleasure of the heart when love is born, lives and finally dies, to perhaps be reborn. Enjoy your ride...


released September 5, 2014

Composed , performed and produced by Kévin Thorez - MTKX
Singers : NadXka & Kévin
Lyrics : Jacques Coulardeau - ALD
Visual Art : Caroline Guille

© ℗ 2014 Kevinkxproductions - registred SACEM
member of MTKX Productions


all rights reserved



Kevin THOREZ Paris, France

I fell in love with music when I was young. I compose & perform all my songs myself for friends.
But some short time ago I had the unforeseen opportunity to replace a musician in a concert where I performed on piano & sang some of my compositions.
This heart-felt experience led me to sharing my music and a personal awakening about its value. Here am I then with these CDs and more to come... Peace
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Track Name: Leave Me Alone

Please leave me alone
Keep your flowers
Get lost in the wind

Don’t call. My phone is dead
Don’t write either
I’ll burn your letters

No chilled champagne
No caviar nor exotic meat
No vodka nor whisky
Not anything. Leave me alone

You smile too much to be true
You smell seedy, you crying crocodile
The latest perfume
Advertised on TV for Males in heat

Leave me alone
Keep your fingers out of my pants
Keep your eyes off my flesh
Today’s pig tomorrow’s bacon
Track Name: Sand Sunning Snake

Rattle rattle rattlesnake
Slither slide slink among tumbleweeds
Coil up sway uncoil jump bite
Death Valley sun sand stone paradise
Today a nice grey gerbil
Tomorrow a long-tailed rat

Rattle rattle rattlesnake
Crawl under a stone in the moonshine
Sleep all you can in the night
Glide out of your hole in the morning
A couple of invaders
Swift bite them deep in the leg

They fall, they crawl, they shout
Dead in the sand
Track Name: Sweet Toss

You are not easy to please
Nor eager though you do leaving me
In your outgoing backside
Rejecting my pleading wet dark eyes

You’re hostile to my feelings
You won’t try to respond to my quest
Yet you will unwillingly
By turning your face away, save me

Gone vanished walking away
I’ll save your soul in my memory
Read Only your evil eye
And Random Access your sparkling self
Track Name: Sharp Toss

Seeing is believing
Bygones are gone and yet, I keep all my dreams
Forget about knowing
You lost track of gold when you let me depart

In my new place I can see well
I want to become a better man

Believing is seeing
Byways are small ways yet, they all lead to Rome
Knowing may be short-lived
Memories are stronger than heaven-like truth

In my new nest I can feel well
I want to become a better man
Track Name: You Can Drive

You can drive on my nerves, you can drive me nuts
Can’t you please realize I’m getting cranky
I don’t feel it’s your pride, you make me swallow
Can’t you see that I am, bigger than you now

You’re trying to step
In my way, that I understand
You’re blocking my way,
Egotistic predator
You must know I’m not your prey

Don’t step in my garden, you are not wanted
Don’t walk on my flowers, you are not welcome
Get out of my garden, you can go to hell
Get out of my own life, you can just get lost

Can’t you see the fence
In your way says no trespassing
Can’t you understand,
Selfish man, I want you out
Won’t you see I don’t want you?
Track Name: Bitter Loss

You did tell me in my heart, you’ll be gone far away
You did tell me in my dream, you saw hell broke out awaste
You did tell me you’re free, you did tell me you’ld go

I feel something got lost in your eyes, you see
(I) sense something collapsed in my passion, you see
I watch something wrecking in your soul, you see
Nothing left for me to try, to try

I did tell you in your heart, I’ll wait for you always
I did tell you in your dream, I’ll never cast you away
I did tell you I’m yours, I did tell you I’ld stay

You know a storm broke out in my mind, you see
You’ll learn a war broke out in my brain, you see
You’ll taste my great loss deep in my self, you see
No reason for you to cry, to cry
Track Name: Sharp Toll

You have two swords in your eyes
Scimitars and daggers
A blade in my heart on that blessed day
Your tongue’s a bow and arrows
Piercing my soul and mind
Each point embedded quicksilver in flesh

You hands two strangling spiders
Choking my throat and breath
Your nails encrusted in my arteries
Your teeth rockets and missiles
Exploding my backbone
Their atomic heads burning my bones hot

Your feet cosmic meteors
Raining hailing my skin
Trampling stampeding me into the mud
Your diabolical soul
Incandescent sulfur
Torches me into blazes, flames and fire
Track Name: Lovely Lovely Days

Lovely day
Deep in my mind
Deep in my soul
You burn, you blaze, you shine, you glow
Full of light full of power
Your eyes thunder with angst with love
Every morning deep in my soul
Lovely day deep in my mind
I see you, I prey you, I love you, I want you

Lovely day
Heat in my flesh
Heat in my bones
I see, I scream, I gleam, I gloat
Full of lust, full of desire
My skin shimmers with love’s passion
Every morning heat in my bones
Lovely day heat in my flesh
You love me, you feed me, you inject your potion
For me, just for me

Lovely day
Heat in my mind
Heat in your bones
You swear, I vow long lasting love
Track Name: Search And Chase

At the top of the hills
Right beyond in the mountains
There still was some snow, a fox hunting
A few blue berries dancing under their leaves
Grey mushrooms in the moss
Delicate heather purplish, brambles dancing
Gorse waltzing

But nowhere was my love, a faint fragrance of blue lavender
Nowhere could I find my love, but a smell hanging on th’ air

I took a train and searched it
I roamed in parks, streets, alleys
I checked concert halls, theaters and bars
I fancied my love dancing swerving swinging
Back home there on the bed
My brain erupted, the dead body
embrace and hug it

But somewhere was my love, a fragrance of lavender
Somewhere could I find my love, despair bleak gloom misery

Hands in hands, cheeks to cheeks, limbs on limbs
Lips on lips, skin to skin, hugging
The dead corpse of my love
In my arms, full of memories
Track Name: Cry To Heaven

Take your can of pain
Open it unscrew
The lid to let suffering out
To prey your flesh to haunt your soul
Long teeth and sharp claws
To ooze gush your blood, slave

Drop a dripping drop, to the dirty floor
Drip a dropping thought, from your slimy mind

Scream at the blades, yell at the blows the blusters
You slave boy, in the slime

Squall at the bats, holler at the sticks
Shout at the clubs, that shatter your skull

You beg out loud, on all fours your rump up in th’ air
You will crawl, In the slime

My minions will salt
Your skinned and pealed flesh
My bouncers will all gang bang you
My soldiers will flagellate you
Till you spill your guts
On my palace tiles, slave
Track Name: HipHipHop Parade

I don’t know if i am reborn
Because I did not know I was dead
But rap finds new life in my songs

[I don’t know if I am reborn.]

Doctor in sadism
I molest young female leprechauns
Saddam’s drinking with Osama
I mix iguana ashes in my milk

[Because I did not know I was dead]

I must be Egyptian
I relish the delicious rainbow
Over the pyramids and Sphinx
Gaddafi is howling in the desert

We are all blood sucking vampires
What’s the best blood in th’ supermarket
The blood of Christ, the bleeding Lord of course
Track Name: Sweet Loss

(It’s) getting better
You left me in mid-sky flying floating
You are forever swimming away in my eyes
Better for you to know
Better for you to ebb away

I won’t understand
Why you left me adrift
Why you departed
On such a whim
That day

You gave me a treasure
Leaving me stranded on this shore
I’ll ne’er forget what I found

You taught me to watch
Bursting my ties you made me free
Free to enjoy sweet feelings

I’m sure you’ll never die
For me sure you won’t die
Track Name: Psychophagus

Two fists to punch, two feet to kick
Coalred Satan, sick Dementor
My skull bursts and cracks, my neck breaks,
My life is loose, my dream dead dull,
My nightmare dangles its cold limbs

Twin-towering eyes, right bang
A pile ‘f crumbled rubbles, ground zero
Endless blood-black snakes darkly lurk and slither
In the empty plate of my writhing brain and soul

My hopes tied to deadly lead
My happiness to earthen grave
Global fright over within that night
Too late to console, to embrace and hug

Flesh decays in the moongleams
The slow-sliding tears of my son
My deep-knotting sobs of deranged love
Two sorrow-filled prayers to make me
Track Name: Monstrous Me

Fear and fright, big monstrous me
Lurking deep in the shadow
I will swallow what’s left of you
In one sole gulp
With all my sharp teeth
Ripping your bloody flesh

Let me pick up your slimy bits
Of shattered bone
In human juice

Shocking your soul
Stirring your guts way through
Down under the waist
Excite me, spool me -- --
Your hands on my thighs
Ready to rape my brains

And I saw my whole life go, I can feel you
Penetrating my mind, I’m ranting
[ranting… raving… craving… salivating…]
I’m raving about your dream-catching, Nightmares
[fission… fusion… friction… fracture… delirium … dreamens…]

You’re trying to enslave my four limbs / nothing more shocking
You trying to conquer my mind’s sanity / shockful shocking

I want to live alone
But I’m scared deep inside my heart
I’m scared deep down
My belly button windows
I want to live alone
But I’m scared deep deep down sometimes
Track Name: Life is a Mirage

The sky is blue, so you know
Life is beautiful, they say
But isn’t all that a lie
A sadistic lie, we say

Life’s a dream in a mirror
Life’s a bloody crime, asshole
Killing all those who protest
Life’s a deception, brain waste

It’s a nightmarish polka
With Satan and Lucifer
Life’s an obsessive disease
That will kill you, you know
Track Name: Nascent Rebirth

Cry my friend, you’ll miss me crazy
Cry my friend, I want you bygone
Swear my friend you’ll forget (me)
Swear my friend you’ll vanish
Bleed in hell, swear you’ll drop dead

You blightedly tried
Complete failure
I’ll chase you off
Out of my land

Weep my friend, you’ll beg me voiceless
Weep my friend, I’ll whip you dry
Vow my friend you’ll regress
Vow my friend you’ll clear off
Drip in th’pit blazes and flames

I’ll ruthlessly rule
Your full seizure
I’ll hunt you down
Into your lair

High time to begin
I’ll end my losing
My life’s a-flying
Track Name: Mina meets Dracula

Count Dracula :
Good night, dear Mina, you shine so fine,
So lovely, so gay, so charming
Your skin gleams the color of th’ moon
Your eyes twinkling stars in the distant sky
Your smile (yes your smile) shiny fire
Your lips two scarlet pilgrims
Dancing on the roadway to blissful felicity
Tasteful beatitude, blood red sex

Mina :
Love bites deep in the soft flesh, of life’s red apple ,
My tasting nipples, two crimson cherries

Count Dracula :
I will caress these two beacons
Of my lust my longing desire my thirst
I crave those firm breasts sheathing my teeth
Ah… No… Splash my lewdness with with your blood
Carnal hunger longs for the sap of your hot heart
Ebbing and waxing high and powerful, tidal boosting
Of the expanding fire of my veins engorging on yours

Mina :
Love flies high to the stars, Abraham’s bosom
Heavenly pastures Garden of Eden, Ah…Silky Jerusalem

Count Dracula :
Mina , Forget your daytime world
Mina , Queen of the dark night
Step with me (in the dusk) on my corporal night-ship

Mina :
Your cold fingers entice my lascivious skin
With a shudder a shiver a throb
Your heart embraces mine
My arteries feed your soul - D: (My mind gives way to yours)

Count Dracula :
Go to sleep and rest on my icy chest,
Dream and envision your new future present and past
You will command the black host,
The knights of eternal night forever, never to wake up again
In the world of sunshine. Yeah…
Track Name: Haunting Reflection

Haunted by your reflection
In the sliding door
Some cupboard
In the pools and billiards hall
I look around
See nothing
I look back again
At the sliding door
You’re aping me wild
You smile and you smile again and again
You laugh. What a fine surprise! All you!

I go out in the street
Back to the station
And the bus that’s taking me home
Or so I hope! But a car is waiting
In mid transfer down the plain.
In the windshield
You smile, of course you smile again and again
You begin laughing; and that is disappointing
Are you full of soul-like love?
I get down off the bus and pick my heavy luggage
Baggage baggage at last found
The car, my wife, a film, Terminator
You smile, of course you smile on the screen

Back in the little car
The New York MET opera broadcast
Down the mountain, up the stream
Along the railroad, cross the bridge
And up in the mountain again.
You smile and smile again and again
You begin laughing
All in feathers and hairs
Which are dooming my poor heart to Hell.

Later in the evening at home
In the glass of tonic and vodka
Revolving around and around
You are smiling as ever like hell
You are laughing bitter and worse
Put the glass down, tonic and vodka still untouched
You smile, angel, you smile, demon, you laugh
All hell… breaks… out!

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